Saturday, June 25, 2011

MSG and Excema

My husband has always had mild excema. He will get a few scaly patches every once and while and has always used steroid cream to keep to under control. A couple of months ago we ordered in chinese food for my dad's birthday. The next day I noticed he had some new patches on his chest and arms that hadn't been there before. I knew that excema can be aggravated by allergies and I was trying to think of what he had eaten that would annoy his system so much?

We had eaten relatively healthy all week except for the chinese food. The one thing I could pin it on was the MSG in the food. Of course, he thought I was crazy but tried his best to stay away from it anyway, just in case.

In the meantime his excema has healed and disappeared considerably from me doing my best to eliminate MSG from our diets and an extremely inexpensive soap I picked up at a local health food store. I saw it had cucumber and calendula extracts in it, which I knew was calming and anti-innflammatory. He was so amazed that a $2 bar of soap worked better than a doctor prescribed steroid cream! (Steroids work by reducing inflammation and weakening the skin's immunity). His finger that was cracked and sometimes bled even healed up 50% in one single night from just washing with the natural soap!

It was all going well until he had some fast food fries the other day that sure enough, had MSG in them. His excema flared up again and he was not happy that all his favourite foods are ending up not to be good for him! I'll have to wait and see if he gives it up :) Hopefully!

I find it amazing how the body can take care of itself when toxins aren't present. This is a small example of how toxins (in this case MSG and steroids) can interfere with the body's ability to heal itself! Amazing!

Here is a website where you can learn more about MSG and what foods contain it.

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