Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taco Salad

Tacos are one of my all time favourite foods! I love mexican food and pretty much anything with a lot of spices in it. 

I have cut grains and processed foods out of my diet so I am a lover of taco salad! This is my favourite meal for sure. The other day when my husband was making us dinner, I asked to see the ingredients list on the taco seasoning container

MSG and Excema

My husband has always had mild excema. He will get a few scaly patches every once and while and has always used steroid cream to keep to under control. A couple of months ago we ordered in chinese food for my dad's birthday. The next day I noticed he had some new patches on his chest and arms that hadn't been there before. I knew that excema can be aggravated by allergies and I was trying to think of what he had eaten that would annoy his system so much?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Introducing my new blog!


My name is Nicole. I was diagnosed in October 2010 with a condition called pericarditis which is basically inflammation of the pericardium (the thin little sac surrounding your heart). For most people when they get pericarditis you will get a high dose of an anti-innflammatory medicine like Advil or Aspirin and it will go away in a couple weeks. It puts you on bed rest and gives you similar symptoms to a heart attack.

However, that wasn't the case with me. I eventually had to try stronger medicines and even had to go on medicines to treat my side effects from the strong anti-innflammatories I was on. Eventually, when nothing changed and my pain and inflammation markers were still high I talked to my doctor about going off my medication. All my doctors agreed I could go off my medications. So I did. I had some crazy indigestion for about one and a half weeks. I couldn't eat anything but bread, milk, and chicken with nothing added. So boring! At this time I was introduced to Maximized Living which includes chiropratic care, whole foods diet (similar to a Paleo diet), interval exercise, healthy mind, and removal of toxins. I immediately started the diet and chiropractic care. Slowly I have been removing toxins out of my house and developing healthy emotional and spiritual habits. Unfortunately, I can not integrate exercise because it highly aggravates my condition. From these changes my inflammation markers in my blood quickly went into a healthy range. From here I became interested in whole foods and health in general.

However, my pain still exists but I am on a journey to make it go away permanently even though one doctor told me this is chronic. I don't believe this is chronic! I love to research anything on health and I am constantly learning about things that can deter or build our health. I want to share what I learn with everyone and learn from readers. I think this is a better way to share my knowledge than talking my family and friends ears off! I am still learning and am open to any ideas or comments!

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." ~ Hippocrates
Warm wishes!